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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Vishal still critical (Transplant - Day 16)

Vishal's condition deteriorated last night. As per the plan, the doctors wanted to take him off sedatives and dialysis to see how his body copes up. They had reduced ventilation to 45% to see if his lungs can function under these circumstances. As soon as the sedatives started wearing off; the rest of the organs started functioning and his body required more oxygen than his lungs could supply. He started having breathing problems and the doctors had to act very fast. He is back on heavy sedation and now the rest of his organs are passive. He is back on a ventilator with 90% settings. He is back on dialysis as well.
If some of you are wondering how this problem has started, here's the story: After the chemotherapy and the marrow transplant, his white blood cell count was zero. During this time his body had contracted an infection which damaged his lungs and sent his kideneys into a shock. Since then his kidneys have not been functioning upto the mark. Though the infection was taken care of within 2 days, his lungs were damaged considerably. This is the reason why he is on a ventilator so that oxygen is supplied to his entire body.Since it is very hard to determine if his lungs are reviving/have revived, the doctors need to experiment and find out the progress by trial and error. They are regularly taking X-Rays of his lungs but the results could be misleading. X-Rays can only tell you that there is a problem but not the cause or the extent of the problem. There is no other option available to see the intensity of the problem. Since the oxygen supply is limited, the doctors do not want the rest of his organs to use it so much hence the heavy sedation. Medicines and fluid are being passed through intravenously which is causing a different set of problems. Since his kidneys are not functioning they are not able to pump excess fluid and toxins out of his body causing the fluid to enter into his lungs. The result being low oxygen levels in the body. The reason why dialysis is so important for him at present. Here when one more complication arises because dialysis also results in low blood pressure. Also, if his body gets used to dialysis, his kidneys might not recover fast. A day ago the doctors wanted to see if his lungs and kidneys have revived, hence he was taken off dialysis and ventilation. They also took him off sedatives to check if there was any progress. They also hoped that if his body is forced to cope with this adverse situation, his lungs and other organs might start working on a regular rythm. But this was not the case and his condition started deteriorating very fast once the rest of the organs started 'waking up'.
The key organ here is his lungs. Once they start functioning well, the path to recovery is fast.
The action plan for now is to keep him on sedatives, ventilation and dialysis today. His new bone marrow has not yet started producing cells. The doctors plan to activate and hasten this process. They are hoping that this will produce white blood cells which will ward off any infections. They are optimistic that this will also help his body recuperate.
His whole family is with him and providing him with support. He has not been conscious in the past 10 days. Every day has been more gruelling than the previous. Hopefully tomorrow will provide us all with a ray of hope. But for this to happen, we all need your support. Please keep him and his family in your prayers. You have the power to help him win this battle.
Thank You!

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