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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Transplant - Day 21

Vishal is still critical. His condition is not getting any better. The only piece of good news is that his White blood cell count is increasing. His lungs are deteriorating by the day. lungs are the key to his speedy recovery. Once the lungs start recovering, it'd be very easy for his body to cope up with this adverse situation. Vishal has ARDS and the doctors suspect that the constant use of the ventilator caused the collapse yesterday. A tube has been inserted to support his lungs. He is still on a ventilator. At noon the settings were about 50% but now they have been moved up to 80% because the oxygen levels is his blood are going down. One of the hypotheses for the low oxygen levels is that his body has become used to sedatives which means that most of his organs are active and are using the already limited oxygen supply.
He is still on dialysis and his kidneys have not recovered. The term used to describe this condition is septic shock.
Coming back to the white blood cell count, the hope is that this would take care of all the infections in the body and reduce the complexity of the treatment. This will then allow the doctors to concentrate on treating his ARDS without having to worry too much about the side effects of various treatments. There is a long and arduous journey lying in front of Vishal, Swati and their family. All we want is for him take one tiny step a day without a set back; does not matter how long it takes to reach the destination. Please continue to cheer them and give your support. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Here's hoping for a brighter tomorrow.

Thank You!


  1. All my prayers and wishes.....

  2. Was waiting to hear about Vishal...SO we have one good news about WBC...this is the beginning ..We pray for complete recovery....Vishal,Swati and family you are really great...just some more time..Be Courageous..Prayers are on...

  3. May be its best to leave it to nature and all this medical intervention is only prolonging his suffering. Be brave and don't let anything pull you down.

  4. He is born fighter.. Nothing will happen to him... have patience..