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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Vishal's condition is extremely critical

Hello Friends,

Vishal's condition worsened last night. The amount of carbon dioxide in his body has increased to a very high level. The doctors have tried everything possible. They have now given up. Anything could happen any moment. Vishal's closest cousin and Swati's brother flew down to philadelphia this morning. All his near and dear ones are here. Swati and family are devastated. We are waiting for a miracle to happen. Please pray fervently for one.

Thank You!


  1. Miracles do happen! Stay strong and keep sending him healing thoughts and energy. Many people are hoping for his recovery and are praying for him.

  2. Hope is the last thing you should ever loose. I'm still hoping and praying and yes miracles do happen

  3. Please try to stay positive. Our prayers are constantly on...

  4. Things should take positive turn. God has to hear...Please stay positive and kep praying...Oura prayers are on ....