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Friday, July 31, 2009

Further details on vishal's progress

Vishal has been diagonsed with "mucocyst": infection in which organs from intestine to mouth are affected. The sedatives has been stopped to see how his body organs behave. His blood pressure is low, and additionally fluctuating rapidly. Doctors are trying to see the cause of this by trial-and- error which means they will turn off the supporting systems one by one. Today they turned off dialysis to see if the blood pressure stabilizes and kidney functions normally. All this suggest that he is still very much in the danger zone but the doctors are hopeful of a recovery.
Vishal's lungs are recovering. He is under 55% ventilation now which is a big improvement from 100% last week. However, there is a long way to go. Swati and her parents, her brother and Vishal's paternal aunts, uncle and cousin are there with him. Please keep praying so that we can get some more positive news.


  1. Vishal, you can fight this battle. Swetha, do not loose hope. I have seen personally my loved one going thru this, I can imagine the situation you are in now. My wishes are with you.

  2. My apologies in misspelling Swati's name in my comments above.