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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Getting Ready For Transplant - Thanks to The Donor

Vishal has to go for 2 days of high dose chemo and 3 days of radiation to wipe out entire bone marrow. This will kill all good and bad blood cells and make a room for donor's cell. His chemo is over and tomorrow is the last day for radiation. He is having the usual side effects like nausea and vomitting.

It was long pending to thank the anonymous donor on the blog. (though we thank that person all the time in our thoughts). We are so fortunate to find a person who doesn't know Vishal and still is ready to donate the stem cells which can save Vishal's life. God bless that person. I will never have enough words to express my gratitude towards that person. Donor is the angel of our life. I hope that more and more people become aware of stem cell donation and every patient in need finds a donor to save his/her life.

Thank you all for still hanging in with us.
(Vishal's wife)

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