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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Transplant -Day 20......Battle is going on

Vishal's fight is going on. Every morning we are hoping to hear something positive.
Today in the evening all of a sudden Vishal's one lung collapsed for a short period of time. Doctors took immediate action and pumped in oxygen and brought the whole situation under control. We thank the team of doctors for all their effort day and night and for standing by Vishal's family.Today once again the ventilation is set back to 100%. Doctor are suspecting that Vishal's body might get used to the sedatives and in that case sedatives will be ineffective. But they are still investigating the situation. Please pray to the almighty to give Swati ,Vishal and all their family members full strength to overcome the darkest days of their life.


  1. Hope is on and so are Prayers...Vishal you are really brave. God is there he will take care....

  2. We are all continuing to pray. Just hang in there!

  3. I am at a loss of words for the dedication and bravery of Vishal, Swati and their family. Hang in there guys, our prayers are always with you..

  4. You will be fine just few days you will be fine..