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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Funeral Details

The funeral is today (08/09/2009) at 5:30 PM in Philadelphia. The address is:-

701 Derstine Ave
Lansdale, pa, 19446

Phone - 215-855-3311

Time - 5:30 PM

In case you need any help or information please contact:-

Rahul - 267.319.5468.
Radhika - 267.319.5419.
Titas - 302.724.0101.

Please continue to keep everybody in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You!


  1. Swati and family,

    My heartfelt condolences. Vishal was a cheerful, helpful friend and a good human being. He will most certainly be missed. Please accept our support in your time of grief and mourning.

    Faisal M. Goriawalla

  2. Swati,
    Our heartfelt condolences. Though I have not met Vishal before, the blogs and outpouring of support narrate a wonderful human being who was much loved and bravely faced fate's cruel hand. All of you are in our thoughts and prayers.
    - Hemal Trivedi

  3. Vishal we will miss you...

    May you rest in peace

    - Manish

  4. Swati,

    My heartfelt condolences. I spoke to Vishal couple of months back and left to India. We talked about cricket and other ususal stuff and he was so optimistic for the future. He will always be remembered as great guy with a positive attitude.

    - Sateesh

  5. We will miss you.

    Vikas Mishra

  6. Vishal - our prayers are with you and your family.
    - Todd

  7. Swati - I have found Vishal's blog which I never knew existed for I surley would have been in touch much sooner! My name is Angie, I was a friend and Colleague of your husband. I am so very sorry to hear this news. He was a wonderful person and I feel very lucky to have worked with him for over a year.

    As I have been, I will always keep you and your family in my thoughts and in my prayers. Please let me know if I can be of any help....all of us both his Capgemini family & friends from his last client, send our condolences and will miss him very much!
    Take caer!

  8. I am so sorry to hear this news..This surely is heartbreaking.
    My condolences are with Swati and family.
    May he rest in Peace


  9. My heartfelt condolences to Swati and family. I do not know any of you but can tell from reading the blog how dedicated you are to Vishal and what a truly remarkable person he must have been. I am so sorry that you had to go through this tragic event. Sending many warm thoughts and prayers your way.

  10. Swati,
    Praying to god you find solace and peace..hope Vishal's soul rests in peace..

  11. My deep condolences. May he rest in peace.

  12. Hi Swati, Our heartfelt condolences are with you. You strived to do whatever humanly possible. The most difficult thing is to pick up the threads and look forward. Wish you well and may God give you strength.

  13. My deepest condolences. Vishal was a wonderful human being, and I had worked with him for a period of 3 months when I was in Princeton. May god give you all the strength ..... Rest in Peace Vishal...

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  15. My heart felt condolences for Swati and everyone else in family. Vishal was my senior in my college at Sardar Patel college, Mumbai. He will always be in our hearts and remembered.

    Amey Kanade
    Pittsburgh, PA

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  17. Vishal - we miss you. You are in our prayers. Even though you are not around us - we think of you and about the smiles you brought. May you find peace.