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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Transplant Schedule

Results from Bone Marrow Biopsy are not so good. Blasts (Cancer Cells) have started showing up. Vishal has relapsed again.

Doctors had two choices. One option was to give one more round of chemotherapy (around 1 month cycle) and then wait to recover and then go for the transplant. But there are few hurdles in this option. It is harder to achieve remission after relapsing so soon and in case different chemo works then during the recovery period cancer might relapse again as it did this time.

Another option was to prepone the transplant. In this case, there won't be any round of chemo. But as part of transplant, the patient undergoes 2 days of high dose chemo and 3 days of radiation which is called conditioning regime. This conditioning regime should be able to get rid of blasts as its job is to completely empty the bone marrow to make a room for new Donor cells.

Doctor has decided to go with second option. Vishal is getting admitted for transplant on 11th July. Donor has also agreed for the dates which is the great part of this. Vishal had his Heart, Lung and many more tests to see all the organs in the body are in good shape to withstand the transplant. He had Root canal done as part of dental check up. Now he is enjoying the last few days with family before going for the transplant. He went out for small summer outing with his family. There are few pics here.


  1. All the Best, Buddy!! Hang in there. Our prayers and best wishes are with you...

  2. He is always in our prayers. He will soon be perfectly fine and ready for great times and vacations ahead.

    All the Best :-)