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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Day Three at the Hospital

Vishal's chemo regimen has started from yesterday. As is the case with Leukemia (especially AML), he is getting tired easily. Since this disease particularly attacks the red blood cells, it restricts oxygen consumption by various organs resulting in fatigue.  This condition has not affected his cheerful demeanour yet.  He is deriving a lot of strength from the support that he is receiving through your mails and comments. He is very thankful to all of you for your concern and efforts.

Support from different avenues has been trickling in slowly. We have just got in touch with some amazing folks in India who are trying to find out about different channels that could benefit Vishal.
We are in touch with SAMAR and NMDP (see the links section for details about them) and we are trying to contact somebody from DATRI, an organization based out of India. 

We are trying to organize drives in different locations here in the USA. There are still a lot of regions in the US where we do not have any representation. This is where you could help us. Please spread the word about Vishal. Please forward this content to as many people as possible. It would be immensely helpful to the campaign if you can put up this blog address on networking sites like Orkut and Facebook. For your convenience, We have created a link at the top of the page to search for NMDP organised drives in your location. Please take the test and convince others to take it.

We would be very grateful to you if you could put this up 
  • at your workplace
  • in your neighborhood
  • at a Religious place
  • at South Asian grocery stores and Restaurants
Remember that this action of yours would not only benefit Vishal but would also save plenty of lives. He has a lot of dreams about his future, YOU can help him achieve those dreams.
If you have any suggestions/advice please feel free to mail us at
If you want to organize a drive at a location near you or if you want to distribute fliers, please do contact us at

Finally, Please do keep him in your prayers. Thank You!


  1. Vishal...hang in there buddy! My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    Warm regards,

  2. Vishal, you and Swati are in our prayers. I hope you recover soon.

    Your SPCE classmate,

  3. I received a comment on my blog about Bone Marrow Donation, from Tania. I will email her ID to your email address. Here is her comment:

    hi vishal!!! i am a bonemarrow donor & have donated to my sis. see vishal i am already acquainted with all procedures & am also willing to donate again, however i want to the type of leukaemia & its stage respective aggresive nature. my sis is today cured forever she had sickle cell anaemia, i therefore want to also know u r line of treatment if u have traditional chemotherepy dose. i recommend u CMC hospital of vellore,tamilnadu for excellent treatment & guidance. that hospice have good faculty & is joint to hospitals in US , UK & EUROPE. contact me for more details.
    More after u r reply,
    with best regards & hopes

  4. Hey Vishal,

    Our prayers and thoughts are with you. I am register as a bone marrow donor and I am going to encourage all my friends to do the same. You will get through this.

    Bijal and Saumil
    (KC and modern school, friends)